Beezon scale beekeeping remote monitoring system (GPRS internet version)

Beezon scale is an integrated beekeeping remote monitoring & management system embracing precision apiculture, that allows the collection of data related to bee colonies as well as the external environment.

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Beezon scale is a remote monitoring & management beekeeping system embracing precision apiculture based on the principles accuracy, reliability and stability of mechanical parts.

The system allows the collection of data related to the bee colonies and the external environment. It is available in two versions depending on the method of sending the data measurements (SMS / GPRS) and their visualization.

In the GPRS version, metrics are sent over the Internet using GPRS technology at regular intervals.
A continuous tracking mechanism on the server processes the data and alerts the users via alarms in case of exceeding weight, humidity, interior & exterior temperature, low battery level and other in real time. Data is displayed and accessed via app for mobile, tablet devices and web.


The instability at the beginning and during the production period of nectar flows and the limitation of available resources have a direct impact on the overall honey production.

Professional and non-proffesional beekeepers are forced to engage nomadic beekeeping in pursuit of increased production based on past experiences and reciprocal information among colleagues.

Nomadic beekeeping brings additional costs to beekeepers such as:

  • increased costs of transportation & additional manpower
  • poor supervision due to distances
  • supplementary feeding
  • thievery
  • loses due to pesticides & insecticides
  • contagion of diseases

Via its beekeeping scale, Beezon aims at simple and effective remote monitoring & management of the beekeeping plant, targeting at the following benefits:

  • Increase of honey production due to time management of nectar flows
  • Reduction of travel expenses through remote control over apiary’s status
  • Less honey consumption due to fewer on-sight visual inspections
  • Cost reduction in supplemental feeding
  • Prevent population loses by managing food reserves, queenless and swarming states
  • Increase survival rate and population growth
  • Prevent thievery through antitheft mechanism
  • Tracking system
  • Customized sending of informational SMS to a number of recipients (flexible adaptation by the user)
  • Ceritfied (CE & ROHS) Weight sensor 100Kg or 150Kg: Daily changes recording / Precision +- 20gr
  • Humidity sensor: Exterior or interior humidity measurement for controlling the hygiene of the bees
  • Temperature sensors for exterior and interior measurement
  • Metal construction as well as materials resistant to stress and adverse external conditions
  • tare reset and reset to zero for the weight
  • Geolocation system via satellite (GPS)
  • Ability to connect up to two additional scales
  • 6-8 MONTHS autonomy battery
  • PlugnPlay installation
  • User friendly monitoring via app for mobile, tablet, web

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BeeZon Smart Software IoT Solutions is a Greek company, which was established in 2015 and combines know-how in the field of computing and electronic circuit development with beekeeping practice.